Sushi-Expert-International, The Company

SUSHI-EXPERT-INTERNATIONAL was created in 2001 in Switzerland.
It is based in Switzerland, near of the Lake Léman and carries on its activity in the whole world, but mainly in Europe.

The Company has five activities:
1)  We import from Japan and/or manufacture in Europe a full range of robots (Division Sushi-Robot) for the manufacture of sushi, installs them, train the staff of the sushi-bar or of the sushi manufacturing plant and ensures the maintenance of the machines.  The robots we sell are either table machines adapted to restaurants either industrial machines of production to supplye the big distribution.

2)  We develop and manufacture in Switzerland the SLIDER, new Kaiten-Sushi Bar (Division Slider) magnetic where the plates are sliding directly on the table without apparent mechanism. SUSHI-TOPPING manufactures this conveyor SLIDER, installs it and ensures maintenance and the guarantee (3 years).

3)  We manufacture Sushi Robots in Europe (Division Sushi-Robot) with our partner PRISMAFOOD in Italy

4)  We provide the technology of the artisanal or industrial manufacture of Sushi through our partner who are operating sushi manufacturing plants in Europe.
Either we give free of charge to our customers a basic training at the time of the installation of the machines, or we sell a complete training which will be given in a true factory of production in Europe. 
We recommend to our customers to be provided in products for sushi and sushi-toppings by our partners, the Companies FOODEX in France and INTERSEAFISH in the Netherlands

5)  We supply TURN-KEY-PROJECTS of Sushi-Bars, Sushi-Kiosks, Sushi-Restaurants, Sushi-Laboratories or Sushi-Production Plants.

The Company covers the all European market directly. We also install robots and Slider in South Africa, in Saudi Arabia, in Canada and in the Caribbean Islands :
Currently we have customers in South Africa (Capetown), Germany (Aachen, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Jena, Kiel, Leipzig, Munich, Nurenberg, Trier, Wiesbaden), Saudi Arabia, Austria (Graz), Bulgaria (Varna), Canada (Quebec), Denmark (Copenhagen), Spain (Barcelona, Tenérife, Valence), Estonia (Tallin), France (Aix-en-Provence, Caen, Cannes, Lyon, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Perpignan, St Tropez), Great Britain (London), Hungary (Budapest), Iceland, Italy (Rome, Come, Crémone, Florence, Milan, Turin), Martinique, Norway (Bergen, Oslo), Portugal (Lisbon), Romania (Bucharest), Sweden (Gothenburg, Helsinborg, Lulea), Switzerland (Bâles, Bulle, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lugano, Zurich), Tunisia (Tunis).

All the prices indicated are included :
1)  the sea-freight from Japan to destination in West-Europe (except for particular destinations).
2)  the installation, staff training.
3) 1 year of guarantee.  

Are not included in the price:
1)  Custom charges and administrative expenses for importation.
2)  The transport from the airport to the customer laboratory.
3)  VAT.
4)  Travelling cost and accomodation (hotel room 3 * or 4 *).
5)  Electric connections on 380V and expenses for plumbing connection. 
6)  Maintenance.

All the machines from Japan are guaranteed 1 years parts and labour. Travelling cost and the expenses for lodging (hotel 3 * or 4 *) are always under the responsibility and at the expenses of the customer. The robots have a diagnostic program which enables us to solve more than 80% of the problems by telephone. When necessary we guarantee an intervention under 24- 72h in Europe.

Contact  :
Such.      +41 (0) 79 510 89 20  

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